¿Why is it Celebrated on this day?

Icsid was officially founded on 29 June at a special meeting in London, under the name International Council of Societies of Industrial Designers industrial designers day was born.

Currently known as the World Industrial Design Organization, WDO. It is responsible for promoting and sharing knowledge of innovation driven by industrial design.

what is industrial design about?

Industrial design is the discipline that integrates art, science and technology.
Designing implies having a world view more deeper. Know that human’s necesities are followed by his environment and culture .
And the goal is to be able to provide industrial solutions .


It was born from architecture and interior design. It was necessary for a discipline to set its sights on products . Today, its extension has no limits. Designing ranges from a simple fork to a space rocket. Multidisciplinarity is its field of action.

The so-called inventors are the designers of bygone eras. Creativity and inspiration play a key role in creating.

Finally, The importance of this discipline is still not understood. But its current application is essential for the world. Innovating and moving forward is synonymous with industrial design.

congratulations and Happy designers day, to all those who chose to change the world.